go home?

jul 31

empty shadows
notable fear
can help but to notice
that no one will lend an ear
for pain weeps away
while ill be here to stay
and ill rot forever
and i know
it hurt me for us to be together

august 2, 2022

i am connected, so i am free. yet i know things people my age shouldnt see. the internet is a beautiful place, so its the loveliest home. but yet i worry about the children who roam. i know they have my photos, those terrible terrible things. yet i know none more will arise, if the children stick with their parents and the lovely swings.


you ruined me,
you broke me,
you stuck me under the snow,
and yet i still go.
i wonder if you truly loved me,
but i was just a child and my body you wanted to see,
and your a grown adult,
and you lied to me.